1.         (a)       Map of France showing the Central Region – Berry

            (b)       The Department of Cher, showing the locat6ions of Bourges, Henrichemont and La Borne

2.         Map of approximate boundaries of the Principality of Boisberlle- Henrichemon.

3.         Map of La Borne and its immediate environment showing the locations of clay beds and forests, particularly the`Bois de La Borne` and the                     `Bois d`Humbligny`

4.         Map of the region showing La borne and the location of different clay supplies, including `les Trous à terre`.

5.         .Cross – section of the `Tour à baton`.

6.         Central France, showing extent of the commercial outlets for pottery of La Borne and other pottery centres.

7.         The family tree of the Talbot Dynasty.

8.         Epis de faîtage : their function and form.

9.         Soye – en - Septaine (Cher) and plan of the domain of Joseph Massé – `Le Tremblay`.

10.       Le Tremblay – the domain of Joseph Massé

11.       Plan and elevation of the `logis du maître`, the home of Joseph Massé

12.       `Mon tour genre de La Borne`, plan of location ans cross – section of `fosse and tour à bâton at Le Tremblay`, drawing by Joseph Massé.

13.       Cross – section of Massé`s `four couché`, as it existed for the `cuisson du `18 mars 1925` - by Joseph Massé.

14.       Cross – section and plan of the `four couché` at Arquian, in la Puisaye, (Now demolished). By Joseph Massé.

15.       The location of the `fours couches` in La Borne d`en Haut and la Borne d`en bas. ( from `La Borne et ses Potiers`  by Robert Chaton and Henri                Talbot.)

16.       La Borne d`en bas, showing  positions of the boutiques and `fours couches in Les Grandes Boutiques

17.       Cross – section and plan of typical `four couché of La Borne`. This drawing formed part of the document prepared   by Marc Larchevêque, in                    1941, for the Inspecteur Générale de la Production Industriélle, Orléans.

18.       Elevation and plan of the boutique of Alphonse Talbot. ( from `La Borne et ses Potiers` by Robert Chaton and Henri Talbot.)